Lean is Inevitable

Agile Israel 2017 Conference, Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 12:30

The way we manage knowledge work today differs from the way we managed knowledge work in the past. There has been a lot of progress, but have we gotten to a place where we could claim, that we know how to actually do it? Why are so many companies, big and small, going extinct at a rapid pace? How do we get faster so that we fight off competition? Do companies even know how much inefficient their value streams are?
These are all questions that need immediate attention in many organizations. The answer requires a holistic view of the business and a smart implementation of the Lean principles, so that we gain flexibility, resilience and economic competitive advantages.
This talk will cover the different aspects of change that we need to implement and manage, so that we become more efficient, more predictable and ultimately more profitable. The topics to be covered are:
- A new way to plan our projects
- A new way to fund initiatives
- A new way to forecast and make decisions
- A new way to be predictable on the company level
- A new way to organize teams

Lean-thinker and a Kanban practitioner with background in the areas of software development and process improvement. Through the success of his company, he has proven that Kanban can be used for product development and not just change management activities. He is passionate about achieving extreme performance at scale and applying Lean / Kanban outside IT.

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