#Bug Zero - eliminating bugs by not creating them in the first place

Agile Israel 2017 Conference, Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 09:15

What do you think of when I say “bug free software?”

Most of us think about large testing efforts, TDD, find and fix early, “acceptable defect rate,” extremely expensive cleanroom development, long nights getting the last bugs out, or advanced canary deployment with auto-rollback.

That’s not what I mean at all.

When I say “bug free software,” I mean software that, when it is modified, results in developers naturally and without effort simply adding the intended behavior with no unanticipated side effects. Software as boring to write as it is to test.

Let’s talk about how teams across the world are writing software this boring. To get there we will have to deeply understand where bugs come from and what we can do to eliminate their breeding grounds, whether we start with new or existing code.

Arlo Belshee has worked in the software development world as an engineer, manager, and coach for over two decades. He is a practical methodologist, meaning he knows the theory deeply but only uses it to suggest real-world experiments. Real-world results always beat theory and context always changes the local answer.

Arlo has helped dozens of organizations improve themselves in whatever way mattered for their business. He doesn’t believe there is one way to do things or even one definition of success. He helps your team change yourself in whatever way you need for your business.

In addition to directly helping teams, this practical attitude has resulted in several advances to the industry. The two most well known are Promiscuous Pairing and Naked Planning (which you know as Kanban). He has also made several advances in retrospectives, software refactoring, and achieving team alignment.

Arlo lives in Seattle, WA, USA where he spends his time finding the awesome in people. His hobbies are continuous learning, building great human relationships, and exploring any activity he has never tried.

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